Adding the dynamic select field choices in Advanced Custom Fields can be challenging, as ACF does not offer this feature by default. In this blog, we will discuss to do just that.

Register a custom field with name ‘post_type_selection’ and field type ‘Select’

In this blog, we will learn about how to add an ical feature in WordPress without a plugin.

Define the following constant in your functions.php

Create a file called ical.php and include it in your functions.php

In this blog, we will learn about the infinite scroll. We will also add pagination for Google, which will be hidden for users. Let’s take a brief look at the steps required:

  1. Create a nonce and pass it to the JavaScript file, so it can be verified.
  2. We will create…

This blog will demonstrate how to make a WP_Query to get 5 posts of a custom post type by a taxonomy term and if we don’t have enough, then we fill the remaining slot using default posts as a fallback.

This blog talks about adding clean SVG Markup using Use-SVG in WordPress

Firstly, lets put all the svgs in a template, giving each on an id e.g. `id=”icon-hamburger-menu”`

One of the greatest challenges developers face is to maintain an aspect ratio of multiple images with unknown dimensions. In this blog, we will learn just that.

Let’s take an example of these two images with different dimensions. …

In this blog we will learn about how to restrict WordPress to search by title only.

We can hook into WordPress using `posts_where` hook and then modify the query to search by post title using `post_title LIKE`

You can watch the above video for the demo.

Saving the ACF JSON files locally allows you to have version control over your field settings! Let’s learn how to do that.

Create an acf-json directory

  • Create a directory called acf-json in your plugin.

Save the JSON

Add the following in your functions.php file

In this blog we will learn about how to add a mailchimp newsletter subscription in a Nextjs react application.

Get the Mailchimp URL

Create an account on Mailchimp if you don’t already have one.
Create an audience campaign.

Navigate to Campaigns > Signup Forms > Signup forms tab and…

In this blog we will learn how to convert a React App into a PWA using Workbox WebpackPlugin, workbox-window etc. We will do pre-caching of a few assets and few api response at runtime, using strategies like StaleWhileRevalidate and Cache Firstetc.

Demo site

Source Code

Install workbox webpack plugin

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